Smackers Gourmet BBQ Seasoning and Sauces Gift Set

Packed in a fun, re-usable pail, this gift set has everything you need for a perfect grilling experience!  Only 3 pails left , order now!



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Surprise them with the Smackers Memphis BBQ Gift Bucket, all they need to create the best barbecue they’ve ever tasted!

Try all three of Smackers multiple award-winning BBQ products!  Begin grilling with Smackers Sweet and Spicy Rub,  add another dusting after cooking your meal,  and finish with your choice of sauce.   You’ll want to have a bowl of each sauce handy for your guests to enjoy with everything on their plate!  Think about adding the two-pound bag, which allows you or  the recipient of your gift months of grilling fun,  or continue to  refill the Smackers bottle nearly 6 times!

Smackers Award-Winning BBQ Seasoning is not only the best rub every created, it’s wonderful straight from the bottle!   You can sprinkle it on pizza, sandwiches, sweet potatoes…use your imagination!
And, its beautiful color will help you create a gorgeous cheese plate for your guests!


Smackers Gourmet BBQ Seasoning and Sauces Gift Set

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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in


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