Smack Me Hard Hot Smackin’ Sauce


Our spiced-up version of Smackers BBQ Sauce has all the flavor of the original, but more!  Not too spicy, try this bold version on anything, including BBQ nachos!


[st_row id_wrapper=”elm_59f67e4aa88f0″ ][st_column span=”span12″ id_wrapper=”elm_59f67e4aa88b1″ ][st_text id_wrapper=”elm_59f67e4aa8871″ ]Smack Me Hard Hot Smackin’ Sauce is great on pork, beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables, pizza, or eggs! It’s the most unique flavor you’ve ever tasted, and has won awards for Best Wing Sauce all over the country! Every time you take the bottle out of the fridge, you’ll discover a new way to enjoy it. Let us know how you use Smackers by sending us an email so we can share your tips with others!

All Smackers products are blended with premium ingredients for a full-bodied experience like no other. Smackers sauces are made with award-winning Smackers Sweet and Spicy BBQ Seasoning, so you know you’ll be serving your guests the best-tasting BBQ ever!

This is one sauce you can use year-round. Even when it’s snowing outside, try it on your favorite foods cooked on an indoor electric grill or in the oven.  If you are worried about gluten free,  rest assured that there is no wheat added to any of our products, although products are processed in a facility that may have processed gluten previously.   Follow us on Facebook, Smackers BBQ, for tips, tricks and videos!

Save on shipipng, order a few extra bottles for gifts!

  • Low Sodium
  • No MSG
  • Wheat Free

Our spiced-up version of Smackers BBQ Sauce has all the flavor of the original, but more!  Not too hot, try this bold version on anything, including BBQ wings!
Try all three of Smackers multiple award-winning BBQ products!  Begin grilling with Smackers Sweet and Spicy Rub,  add another dusting after cooking your meal,  and finish with your choice of sauce.   You’ll want to have a bowl of each sauce handy for your guests to enjoy with everything on their plate!  The two-pound bag allows you or  the recipient of your gift months of grilling fun,  or continue to  refill the Smackers bottle nearly 6 times!

Smackers Award-Winning BBQ Seasoning is not only the best rub ever created, it’s wonderful straight from the bottle!   You can sprinkle it on pizza, sandwiches, sweet potatoes…use your imagination!
And, its beautiful color will help you create a gorgeous cheese plate for your guests!

Ribs ~ Steak ~ Burgers ~ Chops ~ Shrimp ~ Lobster ~ Scallops ~ Oysters ~ Roasted Potatoes ~ Sweet Potatoes ~ BBQ Beans, Butternut Squash ~ Corn Casserole ~ Deviled Eggs ~ Fries[/st_text][/st_column][/st_row]

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 8 in


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