[st_testimonial div_margin_bottom=”25″ slider_elements=”arrows__#__indicator__#__ ” content_elements=”content__#__image__#__name__#__job_title__#__country__#__company__#__ ” wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”0″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” id_wrapper=”elm_59f67e4acfdaf” ][st_item_testimonial elm_title=”Testimonial Item 1″ name=”Molli C.” job_title=”Professional Cook, Richards Ranch, Jacksboro, TX” id_wrapper=”elm_59f67e4acf817″ ]Smackers has a slightly sweet tone, balanced with a fine mixture of spice, that really brings a nice flavor to many things from meat to potatoes to vegetables in a variety of preparations. We enjoyed it on bbq ribs, egg dishes and french fries to name a few of the basics. It is definitely worth trying out and experimenting with.[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_title=”Testimonial Item 2″ name=”TJ Cates” job_title=”Tennessee” id_wrapper=”elm_59f67e4acf976″ ]Smackers brings our customers back everytime they grill. They Love it on the Sausage & Cheese Plates and we add it to our Steaks * Chops * Chicken & Ribs about 20 minutes prior to leaving the grill. IT IS GOOD STUFF![/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_title=”Testimonial Item 3″ name=”BBQ Brad” job_title=”Beaver Creek, CO” id_wrapper=”elm_59f67e4acfac7″ ]Man, you really know how to make a lip smackin’ rub. I use it on most everything! Keep a lip upper stiff![/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_title=”Testimonial Item 4″ name=”Carl and Kim” job_title=”Collierville, TN” id_wrapper=”elm_59f67e4acfc15″ ]This is by far the best we’ve tasted!Carl and Kim[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_title=”Testimonial Item 5″ name=”David B.” id_wrapper=”elm_59f67e4acfd6e” ]Great rub. The sweetness really makes a difference, goes well with whiskey or applejuice based marinades for pork ribs![/st_item_testimonial][/st_testimonial]